• The structure and principle of AC Contactor

    The structure and principle of AC Contactor

    The contactor is an electromagnetic automatic switch. It is used for frequent starting and remote control of motor, which makes the operation more safe and convenient. Contactor is one of the main low-voltage appliances which are widely used. Contactor is operated by ele...
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  • A contactor has three components

    A contactor has three components

    The contacts are the current-carrying part of the contactor. This includes power contacts, auxiliary contacts, and contact springs. The electromagnet (or “coil”) provides the driving force to close the contacts. The enclosure is a frame housing the contacts and the electromagnet. Encl...
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  • Detail the structure and working principle of various AC contactors

    Weak current people all know that AC contactors are control electrical appliances. It can not only realize the protection functions such as long-distance automatic operation and under-voltage release, but also has the advantages of large control capacity, reliable operation, high operation effici...
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